Agility Skills


Gymnastic prowess. Acrobatics(Dodge) /2 = REF.


Fast. Roll vs ATK. -3 for each DEF roll after the first until your next turn.



#6. Distance = Speed/3 if Walking, Speed if Running.

[1]:1DMG & Prone.


Fast. # = d6DMG/3yds. S:Fall DMG/2.



Ranged fighting techniques. See Combat.



Roll vs DEF.

[1]:Arrow lost.


Roll vs DEF. RNG:S.

[1]:Weapon lost.


1/rnd. Roll vs Perception. +3 if Prone.



Slowly sneak at Speed/2. +3 Stealth.


Motionless in shadows. +6 Stealth.


Sneak at Speed. Default Stealth score.


Skills of manual dexterity. 1/rnd.


Fast. Roll vs B. S:Target uses REF against you for 1rnd. F:You use REF for 1rnd


Needs tools. Takes d6mins. # by lock.



Roll vs Perception.



# by Trap to set or disarm. Takes d6rnds.

[1]:Trap goes off on you.