World at Night



Apocalyptia is a free open-source tabletop role-playing game about the end of the world.




Apocalyptia is an experiment in game design with the goal of attracting new players to the hobby of tabletop pencil-and-paper role-playing games. Our strategy to accomplish this goal is to lower the prerequisites for entering into the hobby to a bare minimum by offering a game that can be downloaded in its entirety for free, with rules that are fast and intuitive, which can be played with the most common type of dice, 1d6. In the future, we plan on incorporating a character generator app into this site with the ability to save and post your characters. Further down the line we would like to expand into other forms of software to enhance the gaming experience with networking and augmented reality.

Many players may find the prospect of running a new game intimidating, especially if they have never played a role-playing game before. To make things easier for new GMs, Apocalyptia was designed with many tools to make running games easier. Tables offering random Encounters, Areas, and Loot make it possible for GMs to semi-automate game content creation which lends to the atmosphere of spontaneity and unpredictability. The Extras section also includes over 80 non-player characters and creatures ready to drop into any game session. Feel free to make changes. Be creative and do not be afraid to try new things. The only purpose for the rules is to facilitate the fun. The possibilities are only limited by the players' imaginations.

This project is not for profit. Any publications that come of this work will be offered to players at cost and fall under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. We hope to hold our first public playtesting sessions at GenCon 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana August 14th-17th. Playtesters will get a free copy of the beta-version of the book, a limited edition Apocalyptia d6, and a special thanks in the first edition of the game. Eventually, we plan to launch an Indiegogo campaign to provide physical copies of the game to players at the lowest possible price. Backers will be able to custom make their own box-set of this game with a variety of optional accessories. Our hope is that we can build a community around Apocalyptia that will contribute their own ideas to a growing body of high quality game material for the enjoyment of everyone. We want players to think of Apocalyptia not as belonging to us, but as belonging to all of us.