Brains SkillsEdit


Make items from junk Parts. Takes minimum 6hrs. Costs d6+3 Parts. Base #15. [1]:Parts ruined.


#9. Takes 6hrs. Costs d6 Parts. Maximum 2 cusomizations per item. [1]:Item broken.

Weapon Customizations

  • +1 ATK, DMG, or +25% RNG
  • -1 Size category
  • Add a Weapon Property

Armor Customizations

  • +1 AR, CR, or FR
  • -1 Size category
  • +1 Camouflage or Unarmed DMG

Vehicle Customizations

  • +5HP, +3AR, or +5DMG
  • +10yds (+7mph) Speed
  • +2 Tread
  • +25% MPG
  • +50% Tank
  • +2 or +40lbs Capacity


Fix broken items. #12. Takes 6hrs. Costs d6 Parts. +3 with item Parts. [1]:Parts ruined.


Costs d6 Chemicals. Takes 6hrs.


#6. 1yd Blast, d6FDMG. +1 Chemical cost and +3# for +1yd Blast or +d6FDMG. [1]:Bomb explodes.


Make a Drug. # by Drug. [1]:d6DMG to user.


# = total DMG. Needs Medical GEAR.


Determine status. 1min. +1 next Medicine roll.


Stops Bleeding. 1min/DMG. [1]:1DMG to location.


+1HP to one location. 1/wound per location.
5min/DMG. [1]:d6DMG and Bleeding.


Roll with patient Recovery, take best result.
Takes 6hrs. See Healthcare in Ch:11.


All senses. -1/20yds away. [1]:Confused.


Fast. Default Perception = Perception score.


# by Area, see Ch:10. S:1 roll on MGL. [1]:1DMG.


1/rnd. Roll vs Stealth or Trick.


1/hr. Roll vs Stealth or Survival.


Fast. #6 to wake. -1 all rolls for 1min.