All combat actions occur within 3 second rounds. At the beginning of combat, the GM rolls a d6. Even = Team, goes first. Odd = GM goes first. On the Team's turn, each player gets to act. If one player wants to act before another player, they must roll AvA. After everyone has acted, a new round begins in the same order. Most Extras are controlled by the GM. Pets, slaves, and henchmen are controlled by their masters, but the GM can have final say in their actions. The GM may want to give a brief recap at the end of the round to make sure everyone knows what is going on.


On your turn you may move up to your Speed (A+C/2) and perform 1 action. You may divide your Speed however you like before or after your action. If you have unused Speed at the end of your action, you may move 1yd of that Speed each time you Successfully Dodge later on in the rnd. If you stand up from Prone on your action, your Speed is halved for this rnd. You can use Tame(Ride) while riding a horse to move at the horse's Speed. Movement Maneuvers such as Charge and Run work the same when riding.


You get 1 action/rnd. As your 1 action per round, you may:

  • attempt a Trait or Skill roll
  • perform a Maneuver
  • draw or stow an item
  • reload a magazine
  • use an item you are holding.

Fast Actions

Dropping an item, falling Prone, saying a sentence, and similar actions are effectively instant and each can be done 1/rnd in addition to your normal action.

Attack (ATK)

There are two kinds of attack actions, Melee attacks (MATK) and Projectile attacks (PATK). Your ATK roll is d6 + Melee or Projectile versus the target's DEF. Re-roll ties. Every point you roll over DEF is a Success which is added to DMG. A [1] typically results in a broken or lost weapon.  MATKs and PATKs by default assume the attacker is aiming for the enemy's center-of-mass, which is the Torso. The Called Shot Maneuver allows the attacker to target specific body locations (Head, Arms, Legs). Blasts and vehicle attacks must be rolled on the Locations table to determine where DMG is directed.

Damage (DMG)

ATKs do DMG to HP = ATK Successes (number rolled above the target's DEF) + Weapon DMG - target's AR on the hit Location. MATKs and Throw PATKs get a DMG Mod based on your C. When you take Head DMG, you are Stunned for 1rnd. When your Arms take DMG, drop anything you are holding in that hand. Every point of DMG done to a Leg causes -1 Speed.


-1 if C is 1-4, 0 if C is 5-8, +1 if C is 9-12.  Applies to MATKs and Throw PATKs.


















Cold (CDMG)

Usually caused by weather. CDMG x2 when wet. CDMG is reduced by Armor or other gears' Cold Rating (CR).

Fire (FDMG)

Usually caused by incendiary weapons. FDMG is reduced by Armor or other Equipment Fire Rating (FR).


-1 to all rolls for each point of DMG.


1 Torso DMG/rnd. Caused by a severed limb (0HP) or a [1] Medicine(Surgery) roll. Roll C# = total DMG 1/rnd to stop Bleeding naturally. Medicine(First-Aid) # = total current DMG stops Bleeding.


Torso HP = Cx2. Limb HP = C. Head HP = C/2.

When a limb is at 0HP or less, roll C# = total DMG each rnd to stay conscious. A limb reduced to 0HP is severed and Bleeding. When your Head or Torso is at 0HP, you are Stunned, fall Prone, and die at the end of the next rnd.


Wearing Armor reduces normal DMG dealt to any of the Locations the Armor covers by its Armor Rating (AR).


After 6hrs of sleep, roll C# = total current DMG on all Locations. Ignore the Pain penalty for this roll. Take a -1 penalty if you have been active.

S: heal 1HP on all hurt Locations.

F: Infection and -1C.

[1]: Infection and -d6C.

Recover 1C/day of rest after all HP is healed.

CDMG heals 1HP/hr of warmth.

FDMG heals at 1HP/wk of rest.


When you Fail a Recovery roll, take -1C. [1]: -d6C. Infected limbs can be amputated with Medicine(Surgery) #12 to avoid the need for further Recovery rolls. On a Failed amputation, lose the limb and 1C permanently.


When your Head or Torso is at 0HP, you are Stunned, fall Prone, and die at the end of the next rnd. Comrades take -1D for 1 month from grief. Make a new character. See Character Creation.