Demeanor (D): This is charisma and force of will.

Comrades: = Dx2. The number of loyal friends and pets you can attract and maintain. Teammates are considered Comrades by default. Only Comrades benefit from Entertain and Leadership. You must spend one week with a person before designating them as a Comrade. When a Comrade dies, you take -1D temporarily and cannot replace them for one month.

Luck: per day = D. You may spend 1/rnd. Luck regenerates 1/hr of sleep. Luck rolls are d6 + current Luck. You may spend 1 Luck point to:

  • Re-roll a roll you just made.

  • Add +3 to a roll you just made.

  • Succeed at a Skill roll outside of combat.

  • Ignore Fatigue, Fear, Hunger, Pain, Thirst for 1rnd.

  • Get one bonus roll on MGL using Perception(Loot).

  • Give a Comrade a Luck point.