Demeanor Skills


Any performance that captivates an audience.


Roll vs B.

S:Target uses REF and -3 Perception for 1rnd.

[1]:You use REF for 1rnd.


1/day only. d6mins. # = Comrades. Each Comrade
gets back 1 Luck.

[1]:You lose 1 Luck.


There can be only one “Team Leader” at a time.


1rnd. Describe a specific task. All Comrades
get +1 to any roll to accomplish that task.


Fast. # = Comrade's D. +d6 to a single roll by
that Comrade outside of combat.

[1]:-d6 penalty.


Fast. Roll vs D. Target takes a penalty to any
roll against you = your D/2 for 1hr.

[1]:+3 to any roll vs you for 1hr.


6hrs. # = 3 + Comrades.

S:+d6 Comrade Skills if followed. Roll once to set the bonus for the entire Plan.

[1]:-d6 Comrade Skills.


1/person/hr. Roll vs D. Takes d6mins.


GM rolls vs Socialize(Persuade) to detect lie.


S:Target gives truthful information.

[1]:Target gives false information.


S:Target's Attitude improves 1 step.

[1]:Target's Attitude worsens 1 step.


Fast. 1/rnd. Roll vs animal's D if domesticated
or Dx2 if wild.

[1]:Animal runs or attacks you.


S:Relax animal.

[1]:Animal flees or attacks you.


S:Mount obeys.

[1]:Thrown off, take d6 fall DMG. Roll for Location.


# = D. Takes 6hrs. Animals can learn Commands = their Bx3. Commands must be a single word.


Attack MATK against a designated target.
Creep Stealth(Creep) roll to move very quietly.
Distract Entertain(Distract) to draw attention.
Entertain Entertain(Inspire) to amuse an audience.
Guard Stays in place and Attacks if strangers approach.
Hide Stealth(Hide) until further notice.
Hunt Hunting roll using pet's Skills.
Patrol Walk a circuit in a particular area to keep watch.
Run Run from the area. Stay's close if you also Run.
Search Perception(Search) roll for a certain thing.
Stay Maintains current position until further notice.
Track Perception(Track) roll for a certain target.